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Semi gloss – semi matt (gray)
Colored with titanium oxide mixed with special alkyd resins. High performance corrosion protection Easy to apply, fast drying, provides excellent adhesion to metal surfaces. Helps prevent corrosion from external conditions the surface deteriorated quickly. Film thickness skin smooth Enhance the adhesion of the topcoat Surface provides better durability.


Anti-corrosive primer on ferrous metal.

Can be apply any topcoat


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Oil primer excellent protection,
very good adhesion to metal surfaces

Direction for Use

Step 1  Surface Preparation

Surface preparation should be free from any loose or flaking paint. The clean and dry surface should be primed as soon as possible.

Step 2  Primer

For metal substrate, apply with 1-2 coats of Oil Primer Grey.

Step 3  Topcoat

Allow 3-4 hours drying time before applying 2 coats of gloss enamel. Thinning the primer is possible by diluting with NAKAR Thinner AAA or NAKAR Turpentine as required.


Ideal for priming metal surfaces such as windows, steel doors, steel baluster building machinery.


Oil Primer Grey


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