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Kiwa PlantAid 500

A Green Solution Concept to Maximize Your Crop Yield

is a green product as it is made using plant-based materials. It is, therefore, biodegradable and not harmful to your environment, your crop, your family, your pet and for sure yourself.

You can start using Kiwa PlantAid 500 at the time when you start a new crop no matter what you are growing; rice, vegetable, flower or fruit.

It is recommended to condition your soil with Kiwa PlantAid 500 before plantation to save your money and achieve optimum yield. Start using Kiwa PlantAid 500 for a healthy soil that enables young plant to have longer root and grow healthy.

How does Kiwa PlantAid 500 work? For soil remaining dry for long period of  time, its particles will become covered by natural wax coating making it to be hydrophobic difficult for wwater to infiltrate. For compacted soil, its particles are pressed tightly together making it hard for water to penetrate.

Kiwa PlantAid 500 works by reducing surface tension of water increasing rate of water soaking into soil, loosening compaction enabling root to go deeper and more water and nutrient takeup, reducing water runoff and evaporation, improving water holding capacity and increasing crop yield.

Dried Soil​
Soil with Kiwa PlantAid 500

Kiwa PlantAid 500

Healthy soil

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