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Alkali Resisting Primer

Semi gloss – semi matt
Nakar Alkali Resisting Primer is a quality primer suitable for use on interior and exterior concrete surfaces, masonry syrfaces, brick, fiber cement siding,wallboard, also plaster that may contain alkalis. It is also a outstanding stain blocking and alkali-resistant properties make this a good choice applying on new, aged, or hot concrete.


High performance on Alkali resistance

Can be apply any topcoat


Primer excellent adhension

Direction for Use

Step 1  Surface Preparation

Surface must be cleaned, dry and free of dust, dirt or excess water. The new surface should be aged not less than 30 days and the Relative Humidity should be less than 14%

Step 2  Primer

Apply Nakar Alkali Resisting Primer 1 coat. Thinning with 5-10% of clean water if required. Let dry 4 hours.

Step 3  Topcoat

Apply Acrylic Emulsion 2 coat.


Suitable for priming concrete, plaster, tiles, paper and wood.

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